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Children's Sunday School

Why Children's Sunday School Matters

We believe the development of a child's faith begins during infancy, and we are committed to nurturing future generations of strong Christians. Our Sunday School program begins in the Nursery, where children are taught foundational truths about God, namely His love for us as shown in His plan of redemption, and begin their journey of learning the true stories of the Bible.

How ECC Nurtures Growing Children

As children grow up and leave the nursery, they move through age-specific classes: Preschool (4–5 years old), Younger Elementary (6–7 years old), Middle Elementary (8–9 years old) and Older Elementary (10–11 years old).

We use the Show Me Jesus curriculum from Great Commision Publications. This curriculum is comprehensive, covering the entire Bible. Bible stories are presented as part of the whole story, the history of God's work of redemption through Jesus, as revealed from the beginning of the Old Testament to the end of the New Testatment. It is a God-centered curriculum, demonstrating God's sovereignty over all of history, as well as in our own lives. This builds kids' strong faith in God's work in and through His people.

Caring Teachers Make the Difference

Our Sunday School teachers are an important part of bringing the Bible to life for our children. They love God's Word and consider it a privilege to share this love with our children. We invite, — and encourage — parents to visit their child's class at any time.