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The Messianic Reign

December 22, 2013 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Seasons of the Church Year

Topic: Advent Scripture: Psalm 72:1–72:20

The Messianic Reign
Psalm 72
December 22, 2013


I. A just and righteous reign. Psalm 72:1-4

II. The people fear and flourish. Psalm 72:5-7

III. A universal reign. Psalm 72:8-11

IV. A compassionate reign. Psalm 72:12-14

V. This reign brings blessing. Psalm 72:15-17

VI. A final doxology. Psalm 72:18-19

Questions for reflection:
• What aspects of the Messiah’s reign do you find most encouraging?
• What kind of Messianic progress and blessing should we hope for in our time?
• What does it mean to ‘fear’ the King?
• How might you as an individual or family better display the compassion of this King for the poor?
• What role do we have in fulfilling the wish that the whole earth might be filled with His glory?

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