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May 7, 2017 Preacher: Rich Lanning Series: Judges

Topic: Other Scripture: Judges 6:25–6:32


Judges 6:25-32

May 7, 2017


I. The problem of Israelite idolatry. Judges 6:10, 25-30, Joshua 24:14-15, 1 Kings 18:21




II. The problem of contemporary idolatry. Romans 1:21-25




III. Gideon called to sacrifice a bull on the altar to God. Judges 6:25-30, Luke 18:22,
Acts 19:18-20




IV. Jerubbaal, a reminder that the gods of the world are false gods. Judges 6:30-32,
Psalm 96:5




Questions for reflection:

Why is idolatry so ruinous to human lives?
In what specific idols are you most tempted to place your trust?
Is there an idol that God is asking you to sacrifice?
In what ways has God demonstrated that He is the true God and worthy of our highest love, trust, and worship?

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